6+ Rent Roll Templates

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Rent roll and rent register are two different names of a document which is used by landlords and property owners to record rent payment details. It is very easy to make if you have a rent roll template with all necessary fields. One can make one with paper pencil on notebook but when you want to give it computerized appearance you should employ a readymade rent roll template because it is the best way to create one in less time. It is beautifully useful for residential property as well as for commercial buildings.

Whether you are managing rental payments as a real estate agent or want to keep track of tenants and rental payments of your own property, you will need to have a rent roll at place. It allows you to record details about tenants such as full name, description and address of property he or she is living in, contact details, rent payment history and many more. Through this way you can manage all your rental properties in an organized manner to leave no room for misunderstanding and troubles. Simple download and print rent roll template after making required changes to make it fit.

A rent roll form is also named as a register rent payments. It is used by landlords to record all the details about rented properties such as the contact and address of the tenant, rent payment details, due date of rental payment and date of renewal the rental agreement etc. You can make personalized rent roll forms yourself with help of rent roll template that you can download here without paying a single penny. You can use this sample rent roll for your more than one properties that are available for rent.

This article has several editable rent roll templates that can be saved in computer and can also be printed for paper work. By using these free rent roll templates, a landlord can keep record of all tenants at a place or can make one for each tenant for ease. Below listed rent roll forms are perfect to use for residential and commercial properties after modification. An individual person can also use these templates to create rent roll forms to be filled by tenants at the time of making rental payments each month so don’t waste time and download free from here and edit the details accordingly.

Editable Rent Roll Templates Are Here

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rent-roll-template-606 download-2

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