6+ Marriage Affidavit Forms

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Marriage affidavit can be served as a written evidence of your marriage whenever you need to prove your marriage. Marriage affidavit form is a basic legal document to be filled by parties to prepare an affidavit to sign as a sworn statement of the marriage. Both parties (bride & groom) must be there at the time of making and signing of the document because it is a legal binding document and must be signed by both to be considered as valid. Contents of marriage affidavit form may be different from state to state and must be filled according to requirements..

There can be several reasons to prepare a marriage affidavit but major one is to prove the legality of marriage. A married couple may required to prove marriage in various situations such as to apply for identity card, applying for passport, applying for visa and other benefits offered by the government etc and a properly signed marriage affidavit form can work well for you to do so. One can make a marriage affidavit form template in MS word as per rules and requirements of local government but if you need a readymade form then scroll down the page and download for free.

Marriage affidavit is a legally binding document signed by spouses before entering into the marriage agreement. It is a document that can be used in place of a marriage certificate when the certificate cannot be presented for some reasons. A lawyer can help you to draft this document in legal way. however, a marriage affidavit form template can be used to make and print the form free of cost. Just hit the download link to save the file in your computer and modify it after opening in recommended computer program.

Legal representatives and lawyers can help you to make and sign a marriage affidavit with all required details but they may ask you to pay huge amount of money. If you really wish to save money and effort then don’t worry much and continue reading the article because here you can get free marriage affidavit form templates. Now there is no need to leave your home to make or find such forms because you can easily find them on internet. After finding and filling a suitable marriage affidavit form, you can easily submit to local authorities.

Marriage Affidavit Forms Are Added Here

Sample Marriage Affidavit Form

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Marriage Affidavit Form Example

marriage-affidavit-form101 download-2

Marriage Relationship Affidavit Form

marriage-affidavit-form202 download-2

Joint/Marriage Affidavit Form

marriage-affidavit-form404 download-2

Affidavit Of Marriage Form

marriage-affidavit-form505 download-2