6+ Excel Purchase Order Templates

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A purchase order is placed by the buyer to the seller, mentioning the requirement of goods, services or products that seller has to provide as per demand. Excel purchase order template provides the simple and effective solution to the business management. It also provides the correct assessment of placed order and the delivery of the product according to its demand. Though it is more like a sales invoice but bit more detailed and can be complicated if not handled well. Some of the important features of excel purchase order template are provided in this article.

Open your excel sheet and start with filling in the name of the company address and complete contact information including phone and fax number, opposite to this in right hand top corner you can add date and purchase order number (PON),  add columns to it. Under the address of your company, insert the information about the vendor, complete address, company name, and contact information, phone and fax numbers. Opposite to this, under the tag of “shipped to” the information including address should be mentioned where the order will deliver. These all features are important to mention, any other feature can be added keeping in view the requirement.

When you place bulk purchase orders to suppliers or vendors, a properly filled purchase order can work as a legal contract to get the purchases on time as well as helps the business to keep track of their purchases. Details mentioned in the purchase order also eliminate the confusion for the vendor, overcharging, and incorrect quantities or figures etc. Making of this document is not a big deal if you have a free and easy to edit excel purchase order template on hand. It brings ease and perfection in your work and also increases the productivity.

Then add columns, first column should be about the item number next column should be reserved for the description of the items ordered, then in next column mention the quantity of the items, in next column mention the unit price, it will be the price of each item, the last column should be having the total price, under this chart create a box for sub total, then a separate boxes for the tax applied, shipping or any other applied charges. Then make a grand total at the end. This excel purchase order can be edited and changed according to the need. An excel purchase order template is attached with this article for your help.

Find Excel Purchase Order Templates Here

Purchase Order Form

excel-purchase-order-template-101 download-2

Blank Purchase Order

excel-purchase-order-template-202 download-2

Purchase Order Template

excel-purchase-order-template-303 download-2

Sample Purchase Order

excel-purchase-order-template-404 download-2

Purchase Order Template Excel

excel-purchase-order-template-505 download-2

Purchase Order Format

excel-purchase-order-template-606 download-2