5+ Loan Calculator Templates

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When borrowing money from bank either for personal or business use, use of loan calculator can come in handy to calculate exact amount of money to be borrowed. It also tells you total of debts to be paid by you or your business. Through this way, one can easily plan repayment of loan schedule according to financial capacity. Loan calculator usually used to work out minimum monthly payments in order to stay away from financial problems at the end of month. You can download a completely customizable loan calculator template here to make a suitable calculator of loan for your business or for personal use.

Basic purpose of using loan calculator is to have an idea about how much will your loan payment be each month. It also helps borrowers to apply for exact amount of loan according to needs in order to stay away from additional interest rate and loan payments. Mostly large business organizations and companies use loan calculators to determine ahead of time that what amount of money to be loaned and how the payment schedule will be. This loan calculator template is equipped with editable elements and completely free to download for both personal and business use.

After downloading the loan calculator template, you can learn simply that how to build your own loan calculating spreadsheet from scratch. Loan calculators are used for both personal and business purposes because these make it easy to see basic necessary details about loan as well as to calculate loan repayments. By using below provided loan calculator spreadsheets, you can even use pre made loan calculator spreadsheets that allow you to add up new loan transaction details. These templates are made in MS excel and easy to modify as well.

Whether you are going to borrow money for buying home or to expand your business, it is recommended for you to get advantages of loan calculator template. It accurately shows you that what your monthly loan payment will be and how much you will pay for interest along with each monthly payment. After downloading the loan calculator template, you will need to put loan period, total amount of loan and interest rate etc to calculate monthly payments for repayment of the loan according to mentioned payment terms in the loan agreement. You can customize the template easily in MS excel.

Download Loan Calculator Templates Below

Excel Loan Calculator

loan-calculator-template-101 download-2

Loan Calculator Template

loan-calculator-template-202 download-2

Loan Calculator Excel Template

loan-calculator-template-303 download-2

Loan Calculator Format Free

loan-calculator-template-404 download-2

Auto Loan Calculator

loan-calculator-template-505 download-2


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